USA Hockey SafeSport Program – New Jersey Freeze Locker Room Policy

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our New Jersey Freeze players, both on and off the ice. Toward that goal, New Jersey Freeze maintains a Locker Room Policy that focuses on the safety of players before and after any on-ice event” – Stephen Zaklukiewicz Esq. (New Jersey Freeze SafeSport Coordinator)

New Jersey Freeze SafeSport Locker Room Policy – Update 2018

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NJ Freeze Policy on “Vaping” and E-Cigarettes

A US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found that 38% of US high schoolers and 13% of middle schoolers have experimented with e-cigarettes. The US Surgeon General has warned that teenage use of e-cigarette products should be considered a public health crisis.

Therefore, Aspen Ice and The NJ Freeze enforce a zero-tolerance policy on the use of Vaping and E-Cigarette products at all NJ Freeze events held at Aspen Ice. These products are banned for use in all areas including locker rooms and bathrooms. Aspen Ice will evict immediately from its premises any Freeze player using these products. Coaches and parents will be notified of any player violations of this policy. NJ Freeze reserves the right to discipline any player found to have been in violation of this policy.

Message from USA Hockey – Sent 8/1/2017

Dear USA Hockey Member,

As you know, the USA Hockey SafeSport Program includes required training for all USA Hockey coaches, officials, managers and volunteers with regular, routine or frequent access to or supervision over youth participants. As in previous seasons, these individuals will be required to have completed the training prior to that person’s participation (on ice or off ice) in a USA Hockey program.

In prior years, the SafeSport Training has been offered through the US Olympic Committee training platform. With the opening of the U.S. Center for SafeSport (the “Center”), the SafeSport training will soon move to a new platform operated by the Center, and this email is to let you know about the transition and how it will affect both first-time users as well as existing USA Hockey members.


  • The switchover date to the new platform is expected to take place between September 18 and October 2. After the transition date, anyone taking SafeSport training will need to create a new account on the new training platform.


  • After the transition date, the “refresher” training program will not be available. So, if you are eligible to take the shorter SafeSport Refresher training (which is approximately 35 minutes long), you should complete that training BEFORE September 18th, after which your training will be valid for another two seasons.


  • After the transition date, the new training will have a different format and content. Anyone needing to complete SafeSport Training after the transition date will need to complete the full course, which will be approximately 90 minutes long. Once completed, the new SafeSport Training will be good for two seasons and members will then again be eligible for the new refresher module.
  • Members who need a copy of their SafeSport Training or SafeSport Refresher Certificates should do so BEFORE September 18.


We hope you understand the importance of the training and to helping you be aware of how to maximize our participants’ safety.

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